Friday, November 23, 2007

Will Uri Geller Win Criss Angel’s $1,000,000 challenge

Will Uri Geller Win Criss Angel’s $1,000,000 challenge

Dark was Criss Angel who dared Uri Geller $1,000,000 on the Phenomonon magic tricks television series . He tried and explained Criss Angel tricks but what was in a certain envelope and then rapidly cut Geller off when he appeared to intuitively Begin zoning in on it’s content. What was in the certain envelope were the Book of Numbers 911. When Criss Angel asked Geller what was in the envelope Geller for some reason began rattling of dates that unknown to Geller were zoning in on the contents. We revealed phenomenon secrets and other Criss Angel tricks but if Uri Geller said Angel was Max Born on the 19th , just 1 day prior to Geller’ s birthday and he had bent his 1st spoon when Angel was 1 years old. A nervous Angel, knowing what was in the envelope apace cut him off, and diverted attention by chop-chop gap the envelope.

On yet some other Recent show Angel challenged co - host Uri Geller as to what was in the envelope. Criss explained “I will spray on you a million dollars of my personal money right now if you can tell me particular inside information of what’ s in here right now, “Uri seemed willing to try but the show touched on . Criss Angel of mindfreak proven that he had, or brought with him his million dollars.

This is the thought of Dick Brooks , a managing director of the noted Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA is a nationally known paranormalist, psychic research worker and managing director of Scranton’ s Psychic Theater. A few phenomenon tricks will be revealed on this site but he has been called by many a “Supernormalist”. The theater is currently presenting America’ s longest running and well reviewed extrasensory show and session. In phenomenon some tricks explained here, telekinesis , unseeing vision , mentalism that ends with an attempt at recreating an old time sitting. The presentation explained the story of phenomenon and revealed tricks in the edifice going to the Houdini era that were caused by various events that included a execution , suicide , and electrocution. People at phenomenon don’t reveal nor will explain their tricks, instead they explore the pros and cons of such events.


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